I started knitting in 2008 and have never looked back. I spent a lot of that time ignoring the sister-craft of knitting, crochet, because I don’t always like the firmer, more dense looking fabric that crochet produces. But recently I started teaching myself so that I might be able to help someone else, and I have become hooked (no pun intended).

I spent a few hours on youtube looking at how to hold the yarn and how to decode the crochet stitch abbreviations. Going from two needles to one hook was very counter-intuitive and I felt uncoordinated and slow.

But we have persisted and I am beginning to find it very relaxing to sit with my crochet hook and a pile of partial balls of wool. I have started making 2 different blankets.

One will be an African Flower patch blanket, the other a simple granny square one.

The African Flowers are a little hard for me still, and I have to concentrate. But they are very pretty and the best thing is that there are lots of small rounds that use up little oddments of leftover yarn. AND the borders are chewing through the SIX balls of white cotton that I bought on sale years ago.


No doubt a seasoned crocheter will see the wonky tension and the mistakes…but they will hopefully see the effort too!

The granny squares are soothing and old-fashioned and I am using a mix of DK and aran weight scraps.


I am in danger of ending up with too many blankets (I am also knitting one, and piecing 2 large quilts!) but the process is what makes me happy.

(Sitting under the squares is the mock up for a book I am hoping to publish about crafters in New Zealand).

Happy Sunday everyone.


About Charlotte Marjoribanks Designs

I live in New Zealand with my daughter and husband. I take photos, I knit, I design knitting patterns, and I try and live thoughtfully (whatever that means on any given day).
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2 Responses to Crochet

  1. Those flowers are really lovely! Ahh you can never have too many blankets:) but i agree, I just love the process of knitting and crochet, more so than the finished product!

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