A New Quilt from Old Things.

Since I started sewing I have accumulated a fair amount of fabric. Most of the time I buy fabric with a purpose in mind, but there are also the random visits to charity shops that end in purchases of odd amounts of, well, odd fabric. With family members also feeding my habit and gifting me old duvet covers and garments that are no longer wanted, the amount of fabric has grown steadily. It is now at a size that is no longer satisfying and instead feels overwhelming.

So! Continuing with my purpose of using up stuff and buying less/wasting less, I have started a king-size scrap quilt using these: IMG_0032 I probably don’t need a quilt this big. My bed itself is actually not king-sized. But once I started cutting the little squares I found I couldn’t stop. I wanted to use up as much of the odd stuff as possible! I ended up with over 1300 2.5 inch squares. IMG_0028 They are slowly being turned in 36-patch-blocks. I am not sure that all the fabrics are great friends but overall it should be ok. In the photo below you can see a few dark blue squares. I have ditched that colour now as I decided it was too close to Hospital Blue. It will stay in the squares I have already finished, but no more. I hate hospital blue. IMG_0037Instead Molly is using them to play-plan her own quilt while I sew on mine. IMG_0054 I am also including 24 large plain squares to dampen down the crazy-paving aspect of this quilt. Those blocks will be made out of my stash of vintage table cloths, napkins, and patches. IMG_0034These are lovely old things that have been stained with tea and ink in some way and been discarded by their previous owners. I am happy to give them a new purpose as some of them still have plenty of useable, beautiful fabric left. My aim is not to buy anything for this quilt except the batting. On with the sewing!


About Charlotte Marjoribanks Designs

I live in New Zealand with my daughter and husband. I take photos, I knit, I design knitting patterns, and I try and live thoughtfully (whatever that means on any given day).
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