A Tea-Book as an E-book

Over the Easter break I had time to finish and photograph 3 new patterns. They are all included in one e-book called The Coffee and Tea-book, three easy and modern patterns for keeping your caffeine warm at home or on the commute (or whilst walking a grouchy baby to sleep in the buggy for the umpteenth time).

Photo from 24_04_2014

The first pattern is a snug little tea cosy that I knitted using my own handspun, but which can obviously be made in any 10 ply weight yarn you like.

IMG_9815 copy

The ribbed stitch keeps the cosy tight against the body of the teapot and makes sure your tea stays warm even on the coldest mornings. The whole thing is knit in one piece (ZERO seaming!) by using a combination of knitting in the round and knitting flat.

The next one is for coffee drinkers. Linen Press is a french press cosy that buttons up along one edge and insulates your coffee completely. It also uses 10 ply yarn for quick knitting. The shaping is all worked in to the knitting, so no seams for this one either. I love the woven look the linen stitch gives this cosy.

IMG_9809 copy

Last up is Insulatte, the cosy for those who don’t have the time to sit down. The commuters coffee, the mothers-of-tiny-children cosy. Easy and sweet, this would be a lovely gift for you or anyone lucky enough to be gifted your knitting.

IMG_9865 copy

Happy knitting, happy Monday. You can find more information on the patterns (which are sold individually on Ravelry) or as an ebook here.


About Charlotte Marjoribanks Designs

I live in New Zealand with my daughter and husband. I take photos, I knit, I design knitting patterns, and I try and live thoughtfully (whatever that means on any given day).
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