Reasons Why I Am Tired

Most days I feel like I have made an effort if my hair and clothes are clean, I have deodorant and moisturiser on, and my shoes match. I am pretty sure that my friends and family despair of my appearance sometimes.

I am tired and I don’t have time to take the effort and time to do things that I used to. I don’t go to the gym, or the hairdresser. I hardly ever get time to eat breakfast or lunch. My tea (unless I am on a break at work) is always drunk coolish, not hot. I don’t wear make-up (unless lip gloss and tinted moisturiser counts).

As an example of why I (and so many other people with children/work/life) are so tired, here is a snapshot in list form of my morning (it is currently 10.40 am):

  • 6.50 – Wake up to Molly shouting ‘Mum! I’m wet! Mum! Muuuuuuum!’
  • 6.56- (slack parent-dozed off whilst murmuring ‘ok, coming…’) Get up, get Molly up and changed, argue with her about why she needs a nappy. Negotiate with her about putting on clothes. Any clothes. Settle on pyjama top with ‘heart pants’
  • 7.05 – Breakfast for Molly-explain that there is in fact food in her bowl. See it? Yes, that’s the food. No you can’t have other food. Drink a cup of coffee and feel slightly better.
  • 7.20 – Cameron leaves for work. Molly finishes eating. Clear table.
  • 7.25 – Sew backing on to two brooches for next market while Molly plays next to me.
  • 7.40 – Tidy living room and make beds.
  • 7. 55 – Put away yesterday’s laundry
  • 8.10 – Have shower and wash hair in preparation for work this afternoon (Molly taps on shower door and plays in bathroom).
  • 8.15 – Still in shower when Molly stubs toe and shrieks. Get out, console, get back in to wash out conditioner.
  • 8.20 – Get dressed.
  • 8.25 – Get Molly fully dressed into the skirt she has been begging to wear since 6.56 am. Molly hates skirt as soon as it’s on. Negotiate new outfit and distract with a snack.
  • 8.45 – Ring GP to get new prescription to replace the one I lost. Where did it go?
  • 8.48- Shoes on. Molly’s shoes on (without socks because, well, who knows why she won’t tolerate them this morning when I had to wrestle them off her yesterday).
  • 9.00 – Grab bag, lock up house. Realise it’s sunny and have wet washing in machine from last night. Unlock house, get washing, lock up again, hang out washing while Molly does laps of the garden.
  • 9.15 – Leave for supermarket and answer approximately 450 questions from Molly on route.
  • 10.15 – Back from supermarket. Unload Molly and shopping.
  • 10.10 – Park Molly with a snack in front of short video and unpack shopping.
  • 10.25 – Busting for toilet! Finally get a chance to go! Hooray!
  • 10. 27 – Wash breakfast dishes and make cup of tea.
  • 10.40 – sit down at computer with cup of tea and breakfast.

And now it’s 11am and time to get ready for dropping Molly off to Mum for midday and then work starts.

Whimper! Good luck to all you other tired Mothers out there!


About Charlotte Marjoribanks Designs

I live in New Zealand with my daughter and husband. I take photos, I knit, I design knitting patterns, and I try and live thoughtfully (whatever that means on any given day).
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