Tim’s Tie

I even managed to get it washed and blocked on time!

I actually ran out of wool before I ran out of time. I used up every last inch of the black Rowan and made a small dent in the blue ball of mystery wool from Peru (it was sold to me as alpaca, and there was an alpaca (an actual, filthy, live one) just outside the shop, but I have my doubts about the make-up of the wool sold to me). Even so, I only ended up with a 39 inch long tie. Very ‘Ren and Stimpy’ as a friend pointed out! I had high hopes for blocking, as this wasn’t even long enough for the ‘son’ tie as the pattern is written, let alone the ‘father’.

I had knitted this inside out because knitting a tie is one thing, but knitting a tie with 26 stitches out of 30 being purl? No. I was quite pleased with myself for working out that I could do that, as I don’t normally tinker with patterns. But I wasn’t quite so smug when I turned the tie right side out and saw all the weaving in that was waiting for me.

It took an hour just to weave those in. And I use the term ‘weave’ loosely. I really just tucked the ends through a couple of stitches before hiding them inside.

I got the sunshine I needed to get it blocked and dried and I’m happy with the result. I got it to stretch to 51 inches!

So, another ball out of my stash and one more gift done for the year. This one cost $18.00 and probably took about 9 hours.

Happy birthday Hipster!


About Charlotte Marjoribanks Designs

I live in New Zealand with my daughter and husband. I take photos, I knit, I design knitting patterns, and I try and live thoughtfully (whatever that means on any given day).
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2 Responses to Tim’s Tie

  1. Fiona says:

    Ha ha ha, I love this! xx

  2. Charlotte says:

    Fi! You found me! You have to promise not to look at the blog around your own birthday : )

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